Natures Sunshine


           Nature’s Sunshine is a 30 year old family business that has become a global organization.  Their mission is to share the message of better health by offering the highest quality natural supplements in a quest to make the world a happier, healthier place.

          Katy Blum has been an independent distributor for Nature’s Sunshine products for the last 22 years under Denise Garza, N.D.   Katy’s own health has been changed for the better and she loves to share her knowledge of herbal health in the hopes that others will discover the healing benefits of herbs for themselves.

          Herbs really are the most natural way we can heal ourselves.   From the beginning of human existence, herbs have been used to heal and enhance health.   In today’s medical world there are so many drugs out there that mess up our bodies and minds.    Often the side effects of these drugs are worse than the condition we originally started with.   Nature’s Sunshine only uses the finest-quality herbs and natural supplements and gives you the tools you need to take charge of your health and to look and feel your best.   The quality, purity, and potency of these supplements are unmatched in the industry.   Oftentimes, the herbs you buy at your local drugstore aren’t even digestible.  

If you would like to set up an herbal consult with Denise Garza please call 415-710-5591 or email katy@bluesoulyoga.org.  

          Ordering information:    You will have to register to become a member, but the $40 Member Fee is waived if your order is $40 or more.

                 If you don’t want to register or become a member, please Contact Katy and she will get you the product you want. 

          Here is the link for the entire Nature’s Sunshine website so you can browse all the available Herbal Health and order right from Katy’s website.      First click the link and then click Customer Favorites to shop!  http://katyblumbluesoulyoga.mynsp.com/.